The greenest and most practical way of ensuring your data is safe for the future.

 The alternative to external hard drives   Watch video

BytePac now lets you organize your data-pool and store your data in a future-proof way. BytePac is a robust storage box made of recycled cardboard for 3.5' hard drives. Label or write on it directly as you would a standard binder.

 Developed by the experts from
CONVAR - Die Datenretter ®

BytePac is also a fully-functional hard drive case, with a passive ventilation system, that can be connected directly to your PC with specially designed upgradable connectors. Today and in the future!

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PC Pro Podcast - hot hardware - cutted version

„Say hello to the BytePac.
It's a hard disk caddy made entirely out of 100% recyclable material (yes, cardboard),
but before you jump to any rash, mocking conclusions - as half the office did when it arrived
- let me explain how it works.“


„If you need an external drive enclosure, whether you strive to minimize your ecological footprint or not, the BytePac from Convar is a unique solution with no drawbacks that we could find as compared to a more traditional enclosure.“

„You'd be forgiven for thinking that BytePac's enclosures were flimsy,
but the multi-layered cardboard feels surprisingly strong.
The enclosure is sensibly designed, too.“

„An inventive and green way of archiving and accessing your old data - and it's good value too.“

„Its neat design should appeal to video and photo professionals
who need to archive large amounts of data and still have it easily accessible.“

„If you've got an old drive or two
kicking around in the bottom of a drawer,
this seems like a good way to put them to use.“

„BytePac Recycled Cardboard Disk Drive Packaging“

„If you are concerned about the environment
and the shrinking nonrenewable resources we have in this world,
here is one product that makes sense in these times.“

„BytePac is easy to use, with a modular design, flexible cabling and no fixed electronic components.
All it requires is to put a hard drive into the box and connect it up with the cables supplied. “

„A product that knows how to surprise and also knows how to be helpful.“
Pack. Connect. Pack away. Simply bytepac.
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